We teach the grammar of word through enjoying literature,

 memory, learned rules applied, and imitation. 


We use a wide variety of curriculum and also have our own compiled resource for each subject and Grade.  

Great Classic Literature and Poetry for ALL GRADES

Spelling and Rules: Spaulding Method using Memoria Curricula

Phonics Games and Cards: The Reading Road to Writing and Thinking and Logic of English

Grammar and Writing: We learn grammar with Shurley Jingles and Sentence Construction using literature passages. Writing is incorporated through journaling and into projects.  The planning process is a staple here at CCAMB.

John 1:1-6 (Subject Section – Memory) Jesus is the Word, in using words well we imitate him.  We want our students to love words and play, plan and communicate well in the language garden of life. 


We practice and explore with manipulatives

 and memorize chants for math facts and concepts.  


We teach principles of mathematics using Math-U-See and Mammoth Math daily. 

Math-U-See and Mammoth curtails well with other math programs families are using.

We chant skips (K:2,10,5); (Gr.1: 2-5,10, 25,100’s); (Gr.2: 2-10, 25, 100’s, 1000’s); (Gr. 3: 1-12, t,m,b) and 

Drills with Kinesthetic Intergrations (Money, Measurement, General Math Facts)



History - Arts and Music - Science-Geography


We listen to historical accounts, investigate, do projects and remember.

Veritas History and The Story of the World - K-6th Grade cycle

Me and My World - US History Overview - Ancients - Greece and Rome - Middle Ages - The Reformation - Modernity

Psalms 136 (Subject Section – Memory) 

Art and Music

We observe and practice imitating the good and beautiful.

Classic Art Pieces appreciation and imitation: Practice with Techniques- monthly and/or quarterly projects.

Great Composers and Compositions–Weekly Music Selection with activity

Basic Music Introduction – beats, notes, time value and clef recognition; Children practice musicality with hymns, songs and Instruments

Psalm 150 (Subject Section – Memory) 


We observe, explore, and journal about God's creation.

Intro to Science Hands on Experiments and Journaling; The Grammar of Science Series

From Mudpies to Magnets – Unit studies in Biology, Physical Science, Life science, and Earth science

Creation Shares – Each child will be able to share something that they found in nature (God’s Creation -creatio ex nihilo) or something that they have created (Creating from the gifts of God - creo) weekly


We explore, learn about and appreciate the places and peoples of God's World.

Unit Studies of landforms, continents, waterways, and oceans.

All Around the World – Countries of focus and people groups as we “travel” through the Continents.

Genesis 1:1 (Subject Section – Memory) 

Family Fieldtrips 

Families are encouraged to join in as we explore our community one Friday (day flexible per availability) a month.